Do You Believe ~ World Healing ~ World Peace Poetry Anthology

My poem Do You Believe   ~, which will be a part of the 2nd book in the Nature  ~  IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! series is also among the many poems in the World Healing, World Peace Poetry 2014  Anthology as featured at The Hamilton Gallery  ~

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World Healing leads to World Peace

My recent submission to People are Talking a part of the World Healing, World Peace – 2014 Anthology. And also the poem I wrote for the Anthology:  do you believe  ~

This vision of world healing and peace, if such a hope is going to come to fruition, it will take much struggle through effort within the human thinking process. Humanity collectively within the process of reflective consciousness will firstly have to change the way we perceive ourselves. We the people of the planet earth will have to accept that our kind, our species is nothing more than simply human. We must accept ourselves, not necessarily forgive and forget the lessons taught during the human experience; however, humanity should no longer bear the weight of quilt or feel remorse for living our lives the best we can regardless of the mistakes we’ve made as individuals or as a whole. We must come to understand that no one gave us an all-encompassing guidebook on how to live and survive, how to bring about a healthy, joyful, prosperous and peaceful world. We must realize it is a waste of time and energy to cast blame or point a finger in an attempt to somehow rectify past transgressions against each other and other living creatures. If such a vision of world healing and then peace is to transpire, We the people will have to become perceptually more positive towards our kind. We’ll have to become more pro-human minded. If we want the intolerant to become more tolerant, we must lead the way by patiently demonstrating the behavior of tolerance towards them as they undergo the process of transformation.

If this transformation is going to happen we must take the lead by proactively exhibiting a pro-human mindset, not only through words, but through actions as well. Only then will our united vision for world healing to bring about peace make substantial headway along its transitional journey. To make progressive headway, We the people need to see the wisdom and then initiate the forming of a cooperative partnership with our servant(s) the government(s). Such a partnership will provide the necessary foundation and means to come up with flexible and transitional concepts that lead to valuable practices, implemented with the assistance of innovative technologies for the purpose of improving the overall wellbeing of humanity. In the first eBook of the online series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! (soon to be published in print by Inner Child Press), I suggested for these concepts and practices to be of benefit to humanity, they need to be centered ideologically around 5 freely accessible and affordable services: energy, information/education, transportation, health care and housing. Freely accessible and affordable services such as these will uplift the spirit of humanity making us all overtime more positive and productive contributors and less of a burden on society. Not only blessing us with the ability to help ourselves, but giving us the time and resources to help others. In turn as we help others, they will help others help themselves, on and on through a reciprocal process of healing. Where this process of healing keeps building in momentum and transitioning until the transformation of We the people becomes healthy, joyful and prosperous. Ultimately creating an environment of wellbeing that’s void of the trials and tribulations which held the world captive to anger, hatred, strive, illness and pain. At such a time, the wind then will howl no more due to the storm; ‘cause the wind will be saturated with the sweet music of peace.

~Keith Alan Hamilton~ is an independent online publisher, editor, poet/writer & Smartphone photographer. Keith has 3 Blogs: Keith Alan,,,, and The Hamilton Gallery ~, Keith’s first eBook in the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! is available online to read free of charge. It will be published in print by Inner Child Press soon.

do you believe ~

do you believe  ~
have faith in…..

the power
We the people
working together
as a whole
to become
one humanity
focused on improving
the wellbeing of everyone

I believe  ~  have faith in…..

the way
which leads
to everlasting joy
health and peace

that responsibility
rests on the shoulders
of humanity
and no one else…..

We the people

must find the way
to help each other
help ourselves
so in turn
when helped
we then help others
and on
and round
we go
like the merry-go-round
until the ills of the world
are figured out
become no more…..

do you believe  ~
have faith in…..

We the people
proactively working
together as one
where our legacy
will become ~
the great healer
the great peacemaker
of the world

We the people
of today
shall become
the leaders
have the foresight
to make the time
to increase
our Nature ~ IQ

intelligently progressing

so then
through our
acts and deeds  ~
and technological
with adaptive
and transitional
concepts and practices
~  the struggle and effort
put forth in these actions
will bring forth the means
for us to transform
like the butterfly….

help ourselves
our children
and their children
into the future
to survive ~

by our developing

freely accessible
and affordable
~  energy
~  information/education
~  transportation
~  housing
~  health care
for all….

do you believe  ~
have faith in…..

We the people

Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

The Online Book Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! & the Khan Academy

On page 11 in the Introduction of my online book Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! I say the following:

“The five key concepts and practices I focus on in this book, which to be effective, should be made freely accessible and affordable to We the people are: energy, information/education, transportation, health care, and housing. If we implement support systems focused around proven concepts and practices, which improve the overall condition of We the people, such a positive act will lift up the spirit of We the people. We the people will be more ready and able, more resilient and adaptive, and more willing and confident to creatively find ways to help ourselves and to survive any type of earth change that may occur in the years to come.”

On the TV show 60 Minutes was a segment on Khan Academy. What a huge step forward in providing We the people of the planet earth freely accessible and affordable information/education as suggested in my book Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!

The Blog

On April 21 2013 I wrote the following:

“Run, walk, crawl or with the help of others, I will start then finish the Boston Marathon next year in 2014.

From this day forward my eBook Nature   ~  IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!,  along with the online  flip-book with the same title will be available free of charge at the following link:

At present, I am around 6’ 1” tall, overweight at 280 lbs and I’m in the worst shape of my life, but I promise I will be standing at the starting line in Hopkinton, Mass in April 2014. My effort to get ready for this event and then finish it will be representative of the struggle for life, like the Boston Marathon, where those running it must push forward, keep going, adapt to and overcome adversity to finish the race while encouraged to do so by those along the way.

My struggle, along with my fellow participants and those that give support along the route from beginning to end will once again exemplify Boston Strong! How the united will of – We the People, those of Boston, New England, the United States of America and fellow humans of the world, shall overcome the struggles of life, which include acts of terror. No matter if such warmongering acts of terror are perpetrated by extremists or nature itself through drastically disruptive earth change.

Most of all, I hope each of my steps starting hence forth, whether during preparation for the race or during the Boston Marathon will bring eternal honor and everlasting remembrance to all those who were murdered or horrifically injured during this year’s Boston Marathon. I hope it brings praise to the heroic valor, the selfless acts of all those who helped the victims and participated in bringing the perpetrators to justice without hesitation or fear. It will help the families, the friends of the victims, We the people of the United States of America and the people throughout the world to heal and find the strength to keep living together in peace while collectively facing adversity.

I also run this race in tribute to my father Jim, who fought the good fight against lung cancer until passing away in August 2012. In my late twenties my father and I used to run road races together and  we talked of someday running the Boston Marathon. Then there is my childhood friend Jim, who is courageously and gallantly living the good fight against cancer. His example has inspired me so…. and he knows he is loved by family and friends. I also run for another of my childhood friends Donny, who has defiantly spit in the face of illness while as a police officer protecting his community. His spirit and humanity is infectious and all that know him are fortunate to have him in our lives.  My son Jason, who despite the obstacles forced on him at birth, has made his father proud through his strength and determination to live life each day. He is his father’s teacher and hero.

We the people of the earth…. let’s shed the guilt and the blame for simply being human…. let’s improve our Nature ~ IO – Let’s Survive, Not Die!

Peace out world.

~Keith Alan Hamilton~”

Note: My dear friend Jimmy has recently passed away and I miss him dearly.

This blog will not only pertain to what was written in the 1st book of the Nature  ~  IQ: Let’s Survive, Not die!, book series, but it will also be the communication point of putting forth the 2nd book and it’s connection to me running the Boston Marathon in 2014.  Stay tuned…..

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